Auction for Sarcoma UK
Auction for Sarcoma UK
Auction for Sarcoma UK
quilting for a cause

This was an auction for Sarcoma UK


I made a quilt. It's a beautiful, soft, warm quilt, for which you can now make me an offer to buy.

The top of the quilt is a patchwork of fabrics from various shops in Brighton, including beautiful red lips from a Get Cutie scrap bag. The patches are random lengths, and are sewn together in a mostly random order.

The backing of the quilt is a 100% cotton percale bedsheet (purchased for this purpose) prewashed to prevent any colour leakage or warping in the wash (although I'd recommend handwashing and line drying this artisanal masterpiece).

Sandwiched between the two outer layers is a double layer of Dream Puff quilt wadding, which is light but warm and puffy, quilted vertically at a distance of roughly 8 inches.

The edges are bound with black Kona cotton cut on the bias.

The quilt is approximately 49 inches x 62.5 inches, which is plenty to snuggle under on the sofa, or to have across more than one lap.

Every stitch was sewn by hand, so here and there the quilting isn't quite in a straight line.
It's the second quilt I ever made so here and there you can see the stitching between patchwork blocks. 
But this quilt is soft, and warm, and light, and pretty, and made with all the love I could muster over the course of many, many hours. 

I made this quilt as a way to contribute something personal to Carey Lander's fundraising efforts for Sarcoma UK. Now that it's finished I am selling it, and all proceeds will go straight to Carey's justgiving page, which you can access via that link, should you wish to donate aside from the sale (and please do feel free to do that). Carey smashed her target of £50,000, the largest single donation ever received by the charity, before she passed away on Sunday 11th October. Since then, her target has been pretty soundly spanked to the tune of an additional 33%, at the time of writing, and I see no reason to let it slow down now.

This is going to work like a silent auction, so you are invited to send sealed bids to me at, where I will be accepting offers from right now until 5pm GMT on Friday 23rd October. Just send me your bid, the email address I should use to contact you if you win, and I promise to delete all information provided immediately after the auction (I'm a private citizen, I have no use for your email address anyway).

As of 5pmm on Friday 23rd October, this quilt was sold, raising £150 for Sarcoma UK.

Thank you, very much, for reading this and considering helping both this excellent cause and your winter comfort.

quilting for a cause